[Branda] Per site configurations

Branda has a lot of great features that would be greater if they could optionally be changed on a per site basis. I already requested that for SMTP, but the same goes for other…


Email Template: great to be able to send HTML emails, but you can’t brand them when e.g. a shop in a sub site needs to be able to send order confirmations. So, having an option for site owners to overwrite the network default seems necessary.

From Headers & SMTP: Same, e.g. order confirmations or anything related to a subsite should be sent from a subsite address.


Author Box: Think this mostly useful on a per site basis too. It may be good for some, but not good for all sites.

Cookie Notice: Would be useful if site owners could optionally change colors, content and turn it off entirely for their site.


Images: Would be useful to be able to override the default favicon from the sub site backends. This has been requested elsewhere too.

Tracking Codes: I don’t, but I guess it’s useful to be able to track the entire multisite at once, but while the feature exists, perhaps it could be used by subsites too? It does make me wonder if it is OK to have e.g. 2 GA tracking codes on one page?

Website Mode: I’m not using this either, because at the time, at least last time I looked (when it was still Ultimate Branding) it didn’t give enough flexibility, but it would seem a nice feature if sub sites could brand it too.

I think that’s about it.

Thanks for the considerations! =))