Branda permission issue

I am using Branda for a long time and all was working fine. But for last 3 days none other admins of my site can access to Branda settings page. Only the owner admin of WPMU DEV Hub account is able to access and configure Branda settings page but other admins can not access to the Branda settings page.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Laurent

    I hope you’re well today!

    I checked the only site of yours that has the support access but Branda is not installed there. I assume then that you removed it due to the issue. However, the issue that you were experiencing was related to new feature of user permissions.

    It was introduced to Branda not so long ago and initially suffered from the bug that could cause such access limitations. i’m assuming that plugin was up to date but since, as you said – it was working up until three days ago – it looks like it could have been updated back then (so later than the update was actually released).

    I might be wrong but I have no way of checking that, unfortunately, as there’s no Automate enabled for the site (so we’re not triggering updates from The Hub in which case I could check logs) and WordPress itself does not store any information on when given update was performed.

    If it wasn’t related to update then “something” must have changed on site itself as we don’t have any way to “change” anything like that “from our end” (I’m referring to that because you asked about it during the chat – we can’t make such change on our end to affect the site this way).

    That said, the solution in such case should be to access the database via phpMyAdmin and if it’s a single WP install (like the site in question) search for


    option in “wp_options” table and remove that option. After that, being logged in as any administrator you should see Branda in back-end and be able to access “Branda -> Settings -> Permissions” page where you can set permissions to allow all admins (and/or other user-roles) and/or specific users use the plugin.

    Kind regards,

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