[Branda] Redirect Feature in Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode?

Is there a Redirect Mode hidden somewhere within Branda’s Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode features?

I have a dev/staging site that I’m trying to have closely mimic our parent site (for obvious reasons). I have always used a small, lightweight plugin called CGC Maintenance in the past, but would rather avoid any additional plugins if I can. It’s super lightweight and as straightforward as it gets.

The specific functionality that it offers is really what I like about it:

– you can enter in a list of IPs to whitelist, to override the maintenance mode

– you can have it either redirect to a different page within the site OR different/external URL

We had a handful of Beta Testers on our dev site, before going live with the new site. I’m seeing that some of them are still checking out the old site, as well as getting the random traffic hit here and there. It’d just make everything so much easier if I could whitelist our managers & admins and redirect everyone else to the parent site.

Whoah… sorry about that. I didn’t mean to write a novel there… but you get the point :wink:

CGC Maintenance:


  • Mukul Chawla
    • Product Designer

    Thanks splaquet for the feature request.

    I really like the whitelisting IPs feature request and we’ll be adding a task for that :slight_smile:

    However, the way CGC Maintenace work is, it let you redirect the traffic to a specific page which will serve as a maintenance page yeah? However, with Branda, you can create your own maintenance page. I’d like to understand if you’ve tried that and found something missing?



    • splaquet
      • The Incredible Code Injector

      Mukul Chawla , although the “maintenance mode: redirect to page” feature works totally fine on the LIVE site, i’m looking for something for our STAGING site. That’s where the alternate mode option with CGC is perfect for me. Instead of redirecting to another internal page, i can use the URL redirect mode with the live site URL.

      I actually had this scenario come up with a MultiSite that I was working on as well. We had 6 subsites on 1 multisite. They had to immediately take down all of the sites and put up a landing page. With CGC Maintenance, I built 1 placeholder page on 1 of the subsites, while using the redirect to that maintenance URL on the other 5 subsites.

      For example: I’d like to redirect all (accidental) visitors to our staging site to an offsite URL

      staging/dev site:


      live site:


      that make sense?

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