[Branda] SMTP transport log

one feature of Post SMTP that I find priceless is the SMTP Log. all too often, clients update their email passwords without considering the repercussions associated with their actions. "at the time" they knew about the setup and how it used a specific login/pass for their website contact form… but years later, most wouldn't *EVER* remember such a detail.

what's nice about the Post SMTP log is that sooooo many times over, i can easily hop into it and resend the failed message. it's kind of like the "easy solution backup, to backups" :wink:

when the client finds themselves in the position of "people have been telling me that the contact form hasn't been working for them" *and/or* "i haven't been receiving emails from our website's contact form", i can easily link them through to that page (in Post SMTP) and/or resend everything that failed to send out.

without that feature, MANY, *MANY* times over, we would have been at a loss when it came to recovering those "missing emails".

also worth noting… it's one of those features that you'd probably never knew that you needed, unless you were able to easily see the transport logs. once you've experienced that, it's very difficult to go back to any other WP SMTP sending solution.

since Branda has become a RockStar, i've been installing it on more and more of my site builds. BUT, i always have to question if I want to use Post SMTP in addition to Branda… or have faith that the build/SMTP connection is solid.

just my .02, but that little extra feature would make it easier for me to migrate everything to Branda, also while not having to install Post SMTP on future builds.