Branda's last update brings my sites to a 503

Branda (Ultimate Branding)’s lat update brings 2/3 of my sites to a 503. Service Unavailable. I’ve confirmed that renaming Branda’s folder (via sFTP) or removing the plugin, brings the sites back to life.

So there’s some but on Branda 3. I use just a few modules but it seems that some of them is breaking things up. On one of my sites it has worked, but on the other 2 brought to a 503

Admin Bar Logo

Color Schemes

Image Upload Size

Login Screen

Site Generator Replacement

I use pretty much those same 5 modules on all 3 sites.

The new interface is also cluttered than the old one.

Didn’t actually like that much. Also prefer Ultimate, or Branding, than Branda on the Menu name.