Branding -Exemption Super Admin?

I want to remove My Sites from the admin bar. I don't want people to know they are on a multisite.

However, I find that when I remove My Sites, I have no way of getting back to the Super Admin screen, lol.

Any solutions? Can I somehow make changes with this plugin and have it not effect super admin?

  • aecnu

    Greetings JosephLee1179,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention but how are they seeing or having access to your other sites through that menu?

    Have you tried logging in as an administrator of a site (not super admin) and see what shows up in the list?

    I have a MultiSite with over 30 sites in it and only the site that that particular member is administrator of can see only that site and not the list. Screen shot below.

    I think some of the issues are possibly that you are either logged in as super admin or possibly using the same browser as you develop with to test your site and the tested site recognizes the super admin cookie.

    Note: Edited out by Joe (aecnu) for loss of objectivity due to too many hours working too many tickets. My apology to JosephLee1179

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings JosephLee1179,

    Thank you for your patience and indeed after doing some more testing I understand why you want this to be done.

    I am consolidating this ticket to another ticket in which you are part of addressing the issues presented within and I have alerted the entire developer team to the issues and potential security risks in being able to manipulate the Super Admin in sub sites.

    The alert went to the entire developer team. I am closing this ticket down in lieu of the other ticket and I have not included a link due to the nature of the details within.

    Thank you sir for bringing this into full view and I have taken it full circle confirming your concerns.

    See you in the other ticket.

    Cheers, Joe

  • JosephLee1179

    Aecnu, I finally got the hang of it man! Since you have been on the receiving end, I will tell you where my mistake has been this entire time!

    When I wanted to create a new blog, I simply created the site in the super admin dashboard under "Right Now." I was literally the owner of the blog. Thus, I was on the blog and whomever I placed as admin was admin on the blog too. They were able to remove my admin which removed the site from "My Sites" menu in the top of the screen.

    I hadn't been letting users make blogs at the /wp-signup.php. I had been creating them all personally. I am so relieved.

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