Breadcrumbs of product category / subcategory / product

Hi, has any one implements or found a simple solution to create breadcrumbs from products / sub products / products ( or does it exist and I just haven't seen it)

I'm sure that coding it wouldn't be too hard, but I don't want to re-invent the wheel.

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    THanks, yes I have been down the DImox route before,( in fact the current version on Dimox has my bug fix regarding search), however of course that work through the standard wordpress structures, and with Marketpress I'm looking for working specifically through the custom taxonomies of product - so there will be thinking / coding / debugging to do - which is what I was checking to see if I can avoid.

    A quick look at Breadcrumb Navtxt code indicates that it may well work on custom taxonomies, I'll test it and report back. The problem with plugins is that they tend to create a lot of unnecessary admin options, and occasional 'donate' nags, that I'm not keen to have floating around my implementation.

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