Broken Admin Area…


To say I’m a little frustrated is an understatement… All of my pop-up windows and drop down menus are broken in the admin area. Here’s some history and troubleshooting:

-I posted previously about this issue and it was to do with a search and replace that I’d done on my SQL DB – I restored to a back up DB and it worked perfectly.

-In any windows such as ‘add link’ or ‘featured image’ the options either do nothing or redirect to a random page.

-I’ve updated to the latest version of WP, but this fixed nothing.

-I’ve literally deactivated every plugin 1 by 1 until they’re all deactivated, this does nothing either.

-Finally, I’ve restored the DB again from the version I saved before deactivating the plugins hoping that it’d wake it up, but nothing!

I’ve not come across this before. Hoping someone else has and that they have a solution?


Scott. =)