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It's been about a week and I am having a tough time getting this particular problem solved. I was attempting to change the labels to the tabs on the buddypress menu and I made a big mistake by reading a random forum on the subject, and copying and pasting the code in one of my files (errrr.....I forgot which one), and now I am having issues getting my theme to respond to any customized css codes whatsoever. I know they said curiosity killed the cat, but does it have to kill my theme too? Please help me with this situation. It's been about a week. Any advice would help.

Thank you,
Virtual Souq

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    I wish i can remember the file. I just tried deactivating buddypress and bbpress. and the css is still messed up. So its safe to assume that it is in neither of those files. Sometimes, I make so many changes, its so hard to remember. I am paying for this now. Big time! Been battling with this for a week or more so far. I hope to get this resolved.

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    Using the parallelus-salutation custom CSS option panel are you not able to add any custom CSS and try out the changes or are you going about manually adding your own CSS changes to the style sheet?
    If you're manually adding the code it could be getting overwritten by the themes style sheet being hailed in first with @import url("../parallelus-salutation/style-default.css");
    so if you'd rather punch in your own CSS without the aid of the themes option panel use the code snippet to call in your custom style sheet and add it below that line found here "themes/Talyn/style-default.css".
    One last option I could pitch in is that since you're using BP you may want to add your custom CSS style sheet to the BP theme you're using. I faced a situation in which custom styling of my code I added to my style.css file in my custom BP theme was being de-classed by the theme files of my theme being called afterwards. So, once I made a backup of my themes style sheet then copy/paste the code out of it and migrated it to my new style sheet I was able to make the changes I needed.

    Do backups before trying any of these suggestions and let me know what happens.

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    Thanks @SplendidAngst for chiming in on this one.

    @virtualsouq : While its not easy to find where you posted that code but you can search through all the files using a software name Win Grep (Free ware) and find the file where you have added that code.

    Now, all what you need to know is what code you added which I hope you can easily find out from the same forum post where you picked the code from.

    Once you find that out, take it off.

    Also, for adding custom CSS to any of the sites you might be managing, if the theme does not have a custom CSS field, you can use a plugin from here : which is really easy to use and you will not need to make any changes to the core files and worry about them being over written with updates. Yeah, you might need to use !important property.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.


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    I would like to mark this issue as resolved. Thanks to SplendidAngst who has taken the time to walk me through the process of fixing this error and giving me a few pointers on my website which would improve the overall member's experience. I would love to award more points but this would not be enough for all that you have done. I have spent a week trying to solve this problem on my own. Thank you so much for all that you have done. I cant thank you enough! You really helped and i couldnt have done it without you.

    A million thanks!
    Virtual Souq

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