Broken HTTPS option After Update 5/9/2016

I updated the domain mapping plugin today. Since then I am no longer able to make the domain mapping domains stick on https://

I can SELECT the https:// option in the Domain Mapping Dropdown menu. But when I click the "MAP DOMAIN" submit button it adds it as http:// in the list above. Which breaks then breaks site, because it NEEDS to be https://.

It was working just fine until I updated today the Domain Mapping plugin today. Then it instantly broke.

ALSO - A VERY Weird thing that might provide a clue... If I use an INVALID domain...then it will save the https:// option. For instance if I choose https:// then enter it adds it above as

However, if it's a VALID domain...and I choose https:// then enter, it will only add it above as There is no way to make it stay https:// after I hit the "Map Domain" button.