Broken media paths in multisite


we recently moved 3 blogs into a multisite. Now because we wanted to use the same domains, we couldnt run both sites simultanioulsy, which is why the normal media import failed (download though the XML export).

Now I uploaded the files manually via FTP and used a plugin, to import them back into the library. However, all the imported file links are broken.

Now there seems to be a problem with the redirecting since the media links are

The direct link is

Now… the direct link works, but the other one doesn’t.

In the (sub-)blogs settings I set the following settings:

Site url:

Upload Path: wp-content/uploads/sites/2

Upload Url path: empty

Now the weird thing though: 3 images do work with the files/ link!?? Their settings dont differ in any way from the broken files.

Now I’m really starting to become desperate. Any solutions?