It appears this plugin is also broken. Are these plugins being supported?

Just the other day I found out the contact form hasn't worked since the upgrade to 3.6. Only God knows how many leads I lost because of the lack of support for the plugins.

Anyhow, the only thing that displays when you click on a link from "Wiki Tag Cloud", the "WIKI TAGS", or "WIKI CATEGORIES" widget is an empty page with some commas and buttons to view articles. The article excerpts arn't printing to the screen. So it's just a button and a comma.

This plugin has no way to actually view articles except direct links. There is currently no view (archive) of all articles with the same tag or category.

I would like a date when this is going to be fixed. I am really getting irritated with the bugs. I'm not being paid to find bugs for WPMU DEV. I'm just getting murdered by my clients when I use your plugins.

Please help.