Broken Plugin on WPMU When Using the Customizer.php Functionality

I setup a testing site a while back called that was using the domain mapping plugin (perfectly). That is, until the new version of wordpress (that includes the customizer functionality) was released.

This new functionality allows one to customize the layout, etc. of the website by visiting

I have a bunch of custom functions added that allows us to quickly add new sites and make quick custom mods to the CSS and header images, etc. using this feature, however, the feature does not work when using the domain mapping plugin. When you go to customize the website the website will not preview (at all) in the right pane. I have tried various work-arounds, but at this point the only way to be able to make modifications is to temporarily delete the domain mapping for the website in question, make your edits, then re-enable.

One observation is that the domain mapping plugin URL shows like this when it is enabled:

And like this when it is disabled:

(Note the last "url" variable)

In any case, I know I am not (or will not) be the only one to discover and submit this bug; it should surely be a high priority fix to remain compatible with WP and I suspect that it will not be overly difficult to track down the bug (forgive me if I am wrong :slight_smile: )