Broken RSS 2.0 | 2.8.6.


Whilst talking to myself like a madman (lol) trying to troubleshoot over in the autoblog thread I discovered my RSS2.0 feeds are shot.

Strangely, rdf, atom, and rss work fine. Its just rss2.

As a temporary fix, I changed the rss type in my "general-template.php" file to atom, which works fine. Of course this doesn't fix the primary comment feed, as this seems to be rss2 only, plus I'm uncertain if this will update across all themes (I only use the Farm's 100). Even if it does I'd like to fix rss2 if possible.

RSS2 Feed: (you'll notice that all the posts urls in that feed, except the first one, are appended /feed/ 0. The first 1st post says /feed/ 1, and thus, this post will actually be picked up by readers, unlike the /feed/ 0 urls.

Atom Feed: << seems to work like a charm.

All feed types have been successfully validated via

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :]