Browser and/or browser plugins incompatibility

Hello, I have recently encountered several problems due to compatibility issues related to Chrome (Windows 10) browser and browser extensions affecting Builder.

The most recent one which I tried to troubleshoot manifests when trying to add a Slider draggable element. My initial browser setup was: Chrome with 3 extensions (AdBlocker, Grammarly & Yopmail helper).

When I add the element and try to select images from the library, the browser does not select anything, I just click on the images and nothing happens. If I upload them manually they get uploaded and I can continue. But if I then need to add another, I upload it and Builder gets stuck in “Preparing image” forever.

After this, I tried working in Incognito mode. It all worked better. I could select from Media Library and add additional images but sometimes Builder still got stuck in “Preparing image” state.

I tried in Internet Explorer next. It worked perfectly. I can select from Media Library, I can upload and add additional images. Everything as it is supposed to work. So I removed by Chrome completely and downloaded again.

Before I logged in with my Google credentials and personalize the browser, Builder worked perfectly (like in Incognito mode but doesn’t seem to get stuck in “Preparing Image” state). Afterward, when I log-in and personalize, the problems come back.

I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do besides work in Incognito mode or Internet Explorer.

Has anyone else had this problem and how did you resolve it?