Browser crashes after pressing 'Add to favourites' button


I’m having this weird issue with this plugin :

The weird part is the plugin worked like a charm about 8 hours ago :slight_smile:

Whenever I click ‘add to favorite’ button in these sites:

It updates “Most Favorited posts widget” but not the ‘Your Favorite posts’ widget. When I go back to those pages to re favorite the browser crashes after pressing the button. I tested With Chrome, Firefox, and IE they all have this problem. Plugin says it uses cookies to track favorites of non logged in users but this happens even when I logged in to the site.

I really appreciate if anyone can test this on their browser. If you could reproduce the issue please kind enough to help me resolve this issue :slight_smile:

Also please let me know if you see only a blue rectangle button in this page: without any text in it. When you hover the button text appears.

I think this causes by visited state of the button ( a, a:visited { ) How to remove visited state for this button only?



Just found out it works on my test site:

I’m not sure whether its a conflict with plugins as I haven’t installed any newer one yesterday.