Buddy Press Custom Fields Not Showing Up in Account Page

How do we get the custom fields we added via Buddy Press that are there during sign-up to show up in the account page?

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops


    Hi and Thanks for being part of our WPMUdev community!

    Membership uses a registration process separate from Buddypress, so you will not find Buddypress registration fields in the Membership area. They will only show on the Buddypress profile page.

    You can, however use something like this
    to create a new menu item that shows the account info :slight_smile:

    Which theme are you using? I can help you try to get it working :slight_smile:



  • bilyfoster
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    Thanks you Kimberly, I'm new so I'm still learning how everything works here :slight_smile:

    I am using a custom theme that I have built for this client. I'll read the link and see if I can get that o work today. I'll keep you posted and thanks SO much for the reply!

  • Mason
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    Just checking in to see if this ticket is now resolved? As we haven't heard back, I'm hoping it is and am marking it accordingly, but if you have any questions on this in the future, feel free to re-open it and let us know.


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya @bilyfoster,

    Members will need to change their profile information on their BuddyPress profile page.

    There's no way to place the membership account info directly in the member's buddypress page, nor can you put the unique buddypress profile on the membership account page.

    The buddyPress pages are dynamic. buddypress creates them on the fly, they don't physically exist for membership to embed anything nor will they show their contents in a non-bp page.

    The easiest way to tackle this is to use the method Kimberly provided above and create a nice link to the account page within the menu structure.

    You could create a page template that also had the BuddyPress info, but that'd be far more work. You'd basically copy the functions found in the default BuddyPress profile page theme into your own custom page template and use that for the Membership account page.

    Either way it's a fair amount of custom work to get both things on the same page.

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