Buddy Press on Multi-site

Background – I’m building a multi-site network with dozens of subsites. On each SUBSITE, the navigation bar from the MAIN site is above the header and the navigation of the SUBSITE is below the header.

I wanted to add Buddy Press to the network, but I don’t want the Buddy Press navigation to show up on the main site.

Therefore, I thought it would be best to put Buddy Press on a SUBSITE of the main site that could be fully dedicated to Buddy Press.

Q 1 – Can I put Buddy Press on a SUBSITE instead of the main site?

If so, how? I tried to do it and it says I don’t have the proper permissions (which could be because BuddyPress is loaded on the main site right now and I simply tried to activate it on the subsite).

Q 2 – Is there any downside to running Buddy Press on a SUBSITE as opposed to the MAIN site?

Thank you! Dori