Buddy Press – Yay or Nay?

I was planning to install Buddy Press… but before I do, I’d like to get some thoughts on the following please:

1. Once I go with Buddy Press, is it pretty much a one-way trip? Or can I back out later if I decide to without any dire consequences?

2. Is there ANY reason at all why I’d want to NOT install Buddy Press? Anything I should at least know first? I’d rather learn from others’ mistakes, rather than my own.

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    Hi WarpedMind

    Me again :slight_smile:

    BuddyPress fulfills a very specific job. It lets you create a social network. Now if this is what you’re after, I would strongly encourage you to read this and to register to their community:


    I’ve installed and uninstalled BuddyPress countless times when doing testing and I never had a problem with my WordPress setup. It is after all just a plugin. When installing and going through the setup for the first time, it will create pages. These pages will stay on Admin Dashboard » Pages unless you delete it. If you uninstall these pages will also stay (but if you have an active site it will of course not show), and when installing it again it will be there to use again.

    But in my humble opinion install BuddyPress on an active site only if you’re sure this is what you’re after. If you have doubts test in on a test site until you’re happy with what it can achieve. Sure we can give you advice, but only you will know if this will suit your setup or not.

    Any more questions, ask away. Happily assisting :slight_smile:


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