BuddyFun - comments not displaying

Greetings everyone - just signed up this morning - another refugee from the Ning wars!

My website babkubwa.com was origionally a wordpress blog, which never really took off. I created a ning social network to go with it and its done pretty well - 3 and a half thousand members in 18 months.

I decided now is the time to get some control back by returing to the orgional blog and getting stuck into buddypress.

Now - the first of what will probably be many problems through the next few weeks -

I don't see any comments for previous blog posts when using the Buddypress Fun theme -

for instance -


you can see a link to the comments (just 1 ) but nothing happens when clicked? I did a search to check if this is a common problem, but couldn't see anything similar.

Much appreciated if anyone can help.