Now, I love WPMUDev.org. Every penny that I paid for my membership has been worthwhile. So, I don't want to seem ungrateful, I just want to start a conversation...

Today, I downloaded the Moderation plugin that has been developed and excitedly installed it. My site, Petomundo! like a lot of others is wide open, and as such has troubles with a lot of spammers, so this looked like the perfect plugin to help deal with that.

After the plugin not working as described, I returned to the forums, and looked for feedback. The answer:

The problem is that the moderation plugin wasn't designed for buddypress sites.

And then:

We'll look into BuddyPress compatibility for this plugin. It will most likely be August or September though due to other items ahead of this one

Now, I understand that I did not commission this plugin, nor was it in any way meant to be used for me alone, but seriously, how can something on this site not made for BuddyPress?

I have talked with Matt Mullenweg a lot about BuddyPress in the last few months, curious about how Automattic is going to position the product and have him say that they have talked about just rolling it into the WPMU package. Imagine that, with an install you get all of the benefits of WPMU + BuddyPress. Don't like social networking? Throw the switch and turn it off.

<end small rant>

My only argument is that if someone is going to be developing seriously for the WPMU crowd, certain considerations need to be considered, and BuddyPress compatibility in my mind is a large one.

Once again, love the site, love the plugins and themes, also love the forums where I can rant...

</end small rant>