I have just purchased your plugin, but im not sure how to install a certain feature.
It is mentioned that i can integrate marketpress with buddypress and charge % commission on products sold by other users.
Please send me a link to where i can view some docs on how to do this.

  • fhkurdi

    the problem with the affiliates plugin is that is will work for all items in the cart for one affiliate.

    The idea is that you can buy from multiple users in the same "global" cart, and each user gets a commission on their product.

    The affiliate plugin will assigne ALL the products in the cart to the last affiliate link provided.

    How can i achieve multiple user/product association within the same cart with marketpress?

  • Mark Wallace

    You can make adjustments in Products » Store Settingsin the following tabs:

    Go to the "short codes" tab!
    Shortcodes – listing of all the global shortcodes used for listing network products, along with general use instructions

    If you want to have multiple stores share a single inventory, we can put it up for a feature request and vote on it. I know a few other members who have mentioned this.

    So if that is what you want let me know and i will be glad to submit it!

    Here is a link to instruction on the MarketPress plugin. It is well documented, be sure to read the details and usage tabs, the screen shots can help you too!

    Thanks Fella's

  • fhkurdi

    hey @MTB701

    Are you wanting all the store to share 1 inventory?
    Are you wanting every store to have its own inventory, and collect a % of total sales from all stores?

    Please advise!

    In the senario im talking about, there would be no inventory. it will be digital sales.

    To clarify the process:

    - the user would create an account , with their paypal/bank info.
    - a digital product, associated with that user, will be created automatically.
    - each product is associated with one user only. a user can have many products.
    - the customer can add multiple products into his/her cart. (baring in mind that each product has a specific user associated with it.)
    - on checkout, the revenue is split between the each individual user/product and the website.

    Does this sound like something marketpress can do with buddy press?
    or is this functionality out of reach at the moment?


  • Mark Wallace

    From what i gather by reading the details and usage tabs in the following link. Yes you are good to go! You will need to use Short-codes. They are found in the WordPress Dashboard under Product >> Settings >> Short-Code tag. Each short code will have instruction next to it.

    Here is a list of the features that bring me to this conclusion! I have not set this up using digital products, but have using physical goods.

    Sell real objects, or digital downloads (with limits and tracking!), with ease

    Powerful shortcodes that you can use anywhere.

    Start your own Etsy shopping network.

    Global shopping carts (for that network).


    When installed on WordPress Multisite all products, product tags, and product categories from across the network are indexed globally. They are then displayed on your main site/blog marketplace pages or with our powerful global widgets or shortcodes.

    Global Product List – Shows a customizable global list of products from network MarketPress stores.
    Global Product Tag Cloud – Displays global most used product tags in cloud format from network MarketPress stores.
    Global Product Category List – Displays a network-wide HTML list of product categories from network MarketPress stores.


  • Kimberly

    Hello there @fhkurdi

    Let me see if I can help out here

    BuddyPress is a social component for WordPress. Therefore it will work along side, or integrate, with many WordPress plugins, including ours.

    MarketPress does not integrate with Buddypress but works wonderfully along side. They do not have enough in common to warrant integration.

    You can have BuddyPress members participating in selling items on ONE single WordPress install. HOWEVER, that site will only contain ONE store. Each installation of Marketpress you can make believe is it's own storefront.

    If we follow that imaginary picture: You will have one store, one set of products, one register, one cash drawer and one order fulfillment process for BUNCHES of users. Can you see how that would get messy fast?

    Please remember that the presence of Buddypress is really inconsequential.

    With Multisite enabled you are able to give each user on your network with their own marketpress installation in your network. Returning to our imaginary picture:

    That is a store for each user, a register for each user, a cash drawer for each user and a window for each user. Then you can collectively display all of the products on your site in one Large mall type store.

    This is how Etsy works.

    In order to get a % of sales you must have multisite enabled. Do know, that Global Cart is not compatible with this feature. (it's called Chained Payments) You can find a bit more info on the Chained Payments gateway meta box on the Network Admin Marketpress Settings, when it's installed.

    Please let me know if I can clarify anything else, or if this doesn't make any sense :slight_smile:



  • successfulgeek

    From what I am reading you will need to use Wordpress Multisite and basically each user would have their own "site" but that could be as simple as a single store page. You would need more than Buddypress on a single site install for it to work, because of how the plugin is set up.

    I am still playing with it to see if I can figure it out, but it is looking like you will have to have each of the "store owners" have a site with multisite for the global cart to work.

  • fhkurdi

    Hello @Kimberly

    I understand that buddypress is not really the tool for my solution.

    but im not sure multisite with marketpress can create the full solution either.

    im sorry i might not realize some basic to this, but...

    (withholding buddypress):
    -)each user will have a small number of products that are automatically created.
    -)the users cannot add, edit or remove any of the products.
    -)ONLY the global cart to be accessible, the users do not have any separate cart on their own.
    -) the Global cart will be tweaked. main shopping experience will not be the standard product listing. it will be each users block containing the three products.
    -)the users essentially have only the authentication of a contributor for adding new posts. ( cannot change themes or anything else)

    I'm not sure, but I think Multisite will create multiple marketplaces with each their own autonomy.

    can I create the above centralized non-autonomous senario with multisite?

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