"BuddyPress Accounting" - BuddyPress profile field for how much account owes - able to pay

Originally posted here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-paid-memberships-pro-few-questions

-I need to be able to enter custom amounts for each person -- basically a way to keep records of Sallie owes $140.28, Bob owes $492.14, and Bill has a $7.50 credit. And things that happen offline can affect that (e.g. fines, violations, late fees, etc.). So I need to be able to change Sallie from $140.28 to $240.28.
-For the amount each person owes, they should be able to login to their BuddyPress profile, see their balance/credit, and click to pay via PayPal. Can this plugin do that?
-I wanted to be clear that I don't want the ability to protect posts or pages or anything -- I just want a profile field to enter the amount each person owes -- and display their transaction histories.