[BuddyPress Activity +] Activity Plus

Hi there…I spoke with someone yesterday about this and he told me to go to the developer of Site wide activity and I did. So, basically, I wanted your Actvitiy plus to work with Site wide activity plus and you guys actually made a plug in to make them work together. Once I installed it, the site wide activity stopped having the ability to send text only to the server (status update) but does allow you to post a pic with text. Yesterday your developer had me deactivate all plugins to see if there were any conflicts and there wasn't. Today, the developer of SWA uploaded a new theme and the site wide activity started working again. But, because it was working before I installed that plugin, he said said to contact you guys again.

This is what he said:

I see that the plugin is not sending the content of the post text area to server when the button is clicked and that’s why the error is coming.

I went ahead and verified it on a new install with TwentySeventeen theme and with the current widget plugin and it is working as expected.

My guess is either the integration with the Activity plus is causing it.

The action is correct but sent data from the form is incorrect.

Is there any way one of you could look at it again? I really need the site wide activity to be where it is and the ability to upload photos and stuff. Or, if you have another option I could do (like your status update plugin with SWA – you guys started helping me with that awhile ago – I wanted that plugin to post to the activity feed and not the blog) Please let me know! I'm a bit desperate. Thank you!!