[BuddyPress Activity +] How to build multisite Buddypress

I'm running a multisite, and want each subsite to have its own Buddypress community.
I haven't network enabled BP, and so I thought when I activated it locally on the subsite, that would mean each has its own, but it still seems to be just one site wide install. It shows the updates from the main site for example.
How do I achieve this? Is it a setting, or do I need a plugin like this one?
Cheers, Neil.

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    Hi, Neil McEvoy!

    Thanks for contacting us, hope you are doing great :slight_smile:

    As my teammate Adam explained to another member in this thread, the BuddyPress plugin on Multisite can't work "separate for each sub-site", it acts as a single BuddyPress install and even that there's an option to turn "multisite mode" on with an additional definition in "wp-config.php" file, doing so won't separate those "social networks" but rather make some parts of BuddyPress installation (like e.g. /members page) available via local sub-site addresses rather than via the main domain.

    So the only option would be to use a plugin like the one you mentioned for that. Since the BuddyPress Multi Network plugin is only tested up to BuddyPress 2.9.2, I would highly recommend to test the plugin on a staging/dev site.
    Apart from the BuddyPress Multi Network plugin, I've found another one that was shared in this article, but there is no reference informing of which was the latest version of BuddyPress plugin tested with it, so make sure to test it on a staging/dev site if giving it a try, just in case.

    Hope this helps. Have a nice day ahead!

    Kind regards,

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