BuddyPress Activity Plus functionality

Hello All,

First, thank you WPMU dev for providing such a wide array of tools. It's great to have so many options!

I have been testing BuddyPress Activity Plus. In my opinion it could use some sprucing up.When I use similar functionality on Linkedin or Facebook the interface is smooth and yields professional results

1) BPAP does not do a very good job of presenting the article content. For instance, it only puts a link on the stream and the format for that is kind of odd. It would be better to show some of the article text as a teaser and, ideally, even allow editing that text like Linkedin does.

2) The thumbnail function does not appear to work. I have tried it on a few articles and it does not display any images.

3) The "What's new, username?" box is way too big! It takes up 25% of the vertical screen, better (IMHO) to have it be one line that can expand.

Screenshot notes: There is no thumbnail, no teaser text, the article title is not referenced (it is abeo splash page layout) and the font is odd.

Thoughts from the Community and WPMU dev?