buddypress activity plus image "preview" NOT showing in activity stream

Hello Community!!

1st off I would like to say I love being a part of the WPMUDEV community! I will be a member for the rest of my LIFE!!!!! Ok, now that I have the kudos out of the way.

I have buddypress installed on one of my websites (adult)that is using a Network. I currently have BPAP activated on (2) of my sites. This is what happens when attempt to upload the following:

1.Links-Says there is a error and process cannot be completed.

2.Images-Uploads with no issues.

3.GIF’s-They upload fine, but do NOT show in the activity stream. It only shows a little “dot” where the picture “preview” should be. When I click the little “dot” the GIF opens fine, but it always shows a “preview” in the feed right after I post a GIF.

I have this plugin installed on another one of my websites and it works just fine. Could you help me troubleshoot my issues?

-I de-activated ALL my plugins and that did not work.

-I deleted it completely from my server and uploaded a fresh install and that didn’t work.

-I installed a previously released version of the plugin and that didn’t work.

I am hopeless at this point. Any insight would be great!

Thank you in advance for your time.

Love, Peace and Hair grease