Buddypress Activity Plus showing in IE 9 but not Chrome

Hey all!

I'm pretty sure this is a new issue for me.

Since I work mostly in Chrome, I'm sure I've seen the plugin function properly on Chrome before, but its missing now; though it does show up on IE 9. And the one video sample that I posted to test the plugin out weeks ago still shows up in the activity log for both IE 9 and Chrome.

I've tried disabling and re-enabling most plugins, particularly all buddypress related ones. This issue is on a live site, so I couldn't turn everything off and on.

Since it does work in IE 9 (and I'm 98% positive it worked in Chrome for a bit too), I must have changed the theme in some way for it to stop working in Chrome.

With the screenshot attached, you can see that "bpfb_form_container" is active in IE9, but not in Chrome. So could anyone let me know/give me a hint on what I should look for in my template to make sure the Activity Plus container does show up in Chrome?

I would give a link to the site, but the bp is locked behind a members-only section of the site.