BuddyPress and *domain - Groups can't be created?


1. using WPMU+BP in H-Sphere environment implementing *domains, vhosting/rewrite working (FluidHosting: FreeBSD Deluxe Plan AHA Cloud)

2. all latest stable versions, no beta, want sub.domain install

3. want to place BP in blog id 3, sub.domain ex., community.mainsite.com

4. using Edu Child theme

5. created multiple blogs, *domain working fine for that, louis.mainsite.com

6. tried both: adding the bb-config.php file and direct method into wp-config, either worked to assign blog id for BP install:

// BuddyPress Blog Id
define ( 'BP_ROOT_BLOG', 3 );

always assigns correctly even through WP installer

7. new install only

8. BP works fine if blog id1

9. BP “breaks” if blog id 3, BP Edu theme links wrong (not community.mainsite.com/activity but mainsite.com/activity yet manual linking to community.mainsite.com/activity works)

10.cannot create BP Groups when set as a secondary *domain, blog id 3, only id1 works to allow me to create groups?

Assume changing avatar paths etc., only applies to a move?

*domains working fine except through BP. Though it seems to actually function and let me create a group, it is never actually created. No error message, it thinks it was created while creating but no group in the end. (wizzard for creating groups buttons paths are correct & include the sub.domain?)

Re-installed & tested without *domain and fine.

All new installs. I should probably address this at BuddyPress but I can’t get my login/pass to work there (?) so I’ll get that later, but I can’t find a real problem, other than BP menu (theme) missing sub domain, beyond the lost functionality. No error, no funny pages.

Found several threads and blogs here and there but I think that may be exhausted. I remember one comment somewhere suggesting the host turn on a dns settings (to permanent?) but mine are accessible and working otherwise, I can see and tinker. Static ip even!

The site is accepting blogs and new users so it shouldn't need anything else? What obvious setting is wrong, dns issue, missing an A name?

Input please.