Buddypress and Edu-Clean – complete fail. Works perfectly with different host, complete fail on GoDa

So, I did a site I host with Network Solutions last month using Edu-Clean and Buddypress. It works flawlessly. Did the exact same set-up on GoDaddy, and it is completely unusable. When you go to the forum page created by Buddypress, you are redirected to 'Home'. I actually went back and wiped my database, and still no joy. As I re-did the site from the database up, obviously, I don't have other plug-ins active. Buddypress and bbPress only.

I did a site using the Marketpress plug-in a few months ago, and had a complete failure with GoDaddy.com. I moved the site to Network Solutions, and all worked perfectly. Has anyone else experienced this, or is it just me?

Please, check it and see for yourself: http://jmbrew.com/
(yes, I know the theme is jacked up at the moment – it works with the design in progress that I haven't bothered updating as the site is completely dysfunctional otherwise).

No forum, no topics listed, though I created both a topic and a forum. WTF?

Possible hint: When I was working with the last version (before burning the database) I had issues with Marketpress Grid settings. The CSS included id #custom, but the theme required class .custom. I know, this is so unrelated, but this is really the only thing I have been able to find that sets these sites apart, other than my host.