Buddypress and Marketpress use case question

Hi there

We own a company that is the middleman in a very niched market of product sellers and buyers on our books. We take a fee for each transaction through our books.

We have had interest from potential sellers and buyers that we can only reach through an online presence. We also see this as an opportunity to strengthen our network of buyers and sellers through the social interacion that Buddypress can give us.

I have the following 3 questions that I hope you can clarify:

Q1. Is it possible to set up Buddypress and Marketpress for the following use case, and if so, which plugins would do the trick?

a. Product seller signs up for an account on our website, which would be a Buddypress site.

b. Product seller gets a home page or similar on sign up, which is also their store, with the ability to manage it and sell their products off it. We take a fee for each transaction. I guess like every other marketplace website out there.

c. Buyer signs up for an account, and is able to buy product from any of the multiple sellers stores on our site.

d. Seller ships the physical product using shipping company of the buyer’s choice, which is selected at the transaction stage.

Q2. Would Marketpress on Buddypress allow the following payment options for the transaction fee that we take off each sale?

a. Automatic deduction off the credit card on file or a Paypal chained payment when the transaction is completed; or

b. We invoice the seller for settlement of our fee through the platform.

Q3. Which Buddypress supporting theme would be best for the above, that we can also fully customise with our brand look and feel?

Thanks for your help in advance.