Buddypress and Multi site combined?


I am working on a social network configuration where members can have the buddypress functions. These members are a target audience for businesses to approach and interact with. The businesses should be able to have functions like presenting themselves, organize events for the members to attend but also to interact with the members. My question, can this all be done within the buddypress configuration or is it possible (better) to use a multi site approach for the businesses? Is it even possible, this combination buddypress together with multisite?



  • maiki

    You can use BuddyPress and multisite mode together, for sure. As to what you want specifically, it would take a little bit more explaination to figure out what is needed for your idea. Keep in mind, anything is possible, but what you want is something that can be done with your budget (both in terms of time and money).

    I know it can be difficult to say, write a spec, since you have this vision in your mind of how you want to provide value to these two audiences ("members" and "businesses"). If I were you, I would pay a developer to hack together a spec with you, so you can shop it around or take it on yourself. If you are looking for answers here, then start off with a list of goals you want, and then a list of things you like and would see on your site. Then folks can pipe up with plugin and theme recommendations, and maybe one or two horror stories of why you should get out of this business as soon as possible (comes with the territory ^_^).

    With any luck, you might find someone who has built something like that and can give you a recipe.

  • foodfriendfinder

    NorbyOnline Definitely use Multisite...for Wordpress for any site...
    As maiki noted Buddpress works in multisite...but only on the main site I believe... and not on each sub site.
    The advantage of a multisite is that on your main site you can have Buddypress , then on 1 of your sub sites you can have a business directory, and/or on another subsite Reviews etc.....and link to them on your menu in the main site.......
    Many of the plugins are multisite compatible so updating is easier.
    Just some of my thoughts not knowing what you want to do.

  • jamesathomson

    Hi @NorbyOnline I have a network running in this configuration, Buddypress Multisite with Directory so it is possible to do what you want. Although I do run them all on the same site.

    But @foodfriendfinder is there any benefit you can think of - like reduced memory usage - by running separate areas like Directory, Events, etc etc on individual subdomains?

    If so, I agree you could pull them together using custom menu's to help navigation and make that work.

    One other thing to note is that, if you do separate them into individual sites and employ plugins that are not network compatible, you may loose the ability to feature items in the main Buddypress Activity Stream, like 'User X has asked a question..... User Y has added a listing .... ' etc etc. I just don't know whether Buddypress is multisite aware yet?

    Something to think about.


  • foodfriendfinder

    d3xta if you have directory & buddypress working together on same site that's great and has many advantages as you already noted.
    One disadvantage is if I presume correctly ..it's a custom fix..so if Wordpress updates there's the hassle of updating custom theme..but not impossible.
    I agree with you having different sites on sub sites will not always allow syncing with main site.
    What I do like is I can use different themes and features associated with that theme..as 1 of my sites has a business directory,and in sub directories with their own theme I have classifieds,reviews,videos,job board.
    Nature of the beast I guess..there is not always a perfect fit or fix.
    Anyways that's how I use WP multisite..maybe I am wrong and you can suggest a better solution.

  • jamesathomson

    I'll tell you another disadvantage, running them on the same site like I do is a pain!

    You're point about Themes is a great one as trying to make the same theme compatible with every component is a real headache. I do this in part by using a custom child theme and having multiple dedicated sidebars.

    But I suppose there isn't a definitive one way is best as most sites are so different. It's only best for what you work with yourself.....

  • foodfriendfinder

    d3xta there's probably always a better way ...so good to hear what others are thinking or doing.
    I just installed buddypress & bbpress on one site to more or less test it and see how it works...and have uploaded about 30 active plugins....maybe uploaded 50 ..so can test them and see what works and what slows the site down too much.
    Sort of my pet project.
    I have other software for social networking that works alot better than Wordpress....
    where everything can be integrated on 1 site...but community is small and themes,plugins are really expensive compared to WP.

  • NorbyOnline

    Hi Foodfriendfinder and d3xtra, thanks again! Well based on what Foodfriendfinder mentioned regarding the updates in Multi Site I asked this question. There appears to be more compatibility between the multisite plugins and possibillities then with buddypress. But I am in a beta stage with this, so will probably bump my head once in a while. However with this input of you all I now know when not to bump my head, thanks!

  • foodfriendfinder

    Every time I setup a Wordpress site I install it as a multisite using subdirectory...not subdomain.
    If you install a single Wordpress site you can later change to multisite but only as subdomain..not subdirectory...but I could be wrong.
    Subdirectory will be better SEO than sub domain for Search engines
    So I do multisite first..sometimes more for future use.
    Sometimes I use the multisite to test themes and/or plugins so I not have to start another domain name to test...and it doesn't affect the main site...and if it works..the theme and/or plugin is already installed on the site to use.
    So best way to get started is get in there..make mistakes...and figure out how to solve and make better.
    Don't forget to use youtube for tutorial videos...1st place I go.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Well it seems like everyone has you covered here. :slight_smile:

    I would start off small, get use to each and every plugin or theme before you go installing another. Otherwise if you install it all at once and you get some issues debugging could be more drawn out as you are also not familiar with everything.

    My post here might also be of interest:


    Take care.

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