BuddyPress and WordPress 3.2 Upgrade Issues

Hey All,

I'm guessing this has "probably" been addressed somewhere around here, but figured I would post it just in case. Our lead Dev upgraded our Wordpress/BP/MS this morning and found the following.

Just in case anyone else had this issue. I upgraded several WordPress/BuddyPress installations to version 3.2 and found that my Dashboard menus no longer would expand and collapse as usual. The problem I discovered was some sort of conflict in the jQuery Easing plugin that ships with the BuddyPress default theme and the version of jQuery running in WordPress (now 1.6+). I’m not a jQuery pro so I didn’t bother trying to track down the bug precisely. But I found the problem was fixed by going into my theme’s _inc/global.js file and commenting out the block of minified javascript below:

You can see the code here.