Buddypress Avatars not displaying in default BP theme

Hi folks, weirdass bug it seems, my group avatars in BP are not displaying, even in the BP default theme.

They appear to upload/crop successfully, and the image file is up there in /uploads/group-avatars.

The html for the non-displaying avatars is [ img src="" class="avatar" alt="Practice" ] ie. no source. Any clues?

Many thanks,


  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hey @ideasgarden,

    I think this just might be conflicting versions. Can you upgrade to BP 1.9 and WP 3.8 ?

    I enable WP_DEBUG mode, I'm getting tons of strict standards notices. This usually means a plugin isn't playing well with WordPress APIs.

    Not having a group avatar is really just a symptom of a deeper problem

    Notice: Undefined property: BP_Groups_Group::$avatar_thumb in /[site-directory]/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php on line 524

    This suggests that BuddyPress never properly populated the information needed to display the group. There are other notices that have similar indications.

    Can you go ahead and update? Then we'll know right away if it's fixed or not. Otherwise I would suggest testing for a plugin and theme conflict next. Switch to TwentyFourteen, and disable everything except BuddyPress to see if it works.

    Best regards,

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