Buddypress, BBpress and Multi-db plugin

Been integrating the forums plugin which I got working after this thread

What I realized is that this will work great for my members, but not for the main forum.

So busy integrating bbpress with buddypress / mu.

I followed instructions according to this, http://theeasybutton.com/blog/2009/07/17/integrating-buddypress-wordpress-mu-and-bbpress/, everything went
fine, but they don't seem to be insync with the login.

I do use the multi-db plugin, so thinking about the previous problem in the thread above, I assume I need to add the tables to db-config as well?

If so, what are those tables?



  • Aaron

    The latest buddypress includes bbPress which it uses for group forums. It's just a 1 click setup.

    Setting Up Forums

    If you’d like to use all the features of the forums component in BuddyPress you’ll need to run through one extra step. It’s really easy, honest.

    1. Head to /wp-admin/ and then the menu “BuddyPress > Forums Setup”. Follow the instructions on the screen. You’ll probably want to select “Set up a new bbPress installation” if this is a fresh install.

    If you are adding bbPress separately then syncing cookies can be a pain. I recommend trying the built in integration first to see if that meets your needs.

  • raymondmannion

    Hi guys,
    I've searched high and low and couldn't seem to find an explanation on how to take advantage of the buddypress theme for the forums. This post started as a question. But, like a therapist, talking about the problem slowly revealed some answers to the problem and I hope this becomes a Christmas present to someone.....

    http://tkdunion.org/forums showed the default bbPress theme, not the awesome bp-magazine theme.

    My host is psek, mu is set for subdomains for users. bbPress resided in the /forums directory which explained why I was getting the default bbPress theme.

    This was originally setup for buddypress 1.0 and I have since upgraded to 1.1.3

    I see nothing in my .htaccess to indicate there is any rewrite going on to map http://tkdunion.org/forums over to the buddypress/bp-forums directory.

    My forum posts are useless and I'm happy to blow them away and start fresh if that makes sense.

    On the database side, the bb tables are in the same database as my wp tables.

    This post above mentioned that bbPress is now part of Buddypress and indeed, I see the bp-forums directory in the /plugins/buddypress directory.

    I decided that I was "having problems with my install and I should re-install". After doing this, the /forums directory still showed the standard theme. I decided to rename my /forums directory with my ftp client and at last, the lovely magazine theme home page appeared.

    There were no posts (which didn't upset me because the forums were just a bunch of test posts anyway). I checked my database and the contents were still there, but I noticed that the reinstall had this little gem:

    $bb_table_prefix = 'wp_bb_';

    whereas the original was

    $bb_table_prefix = 'bb_';

    I modified it to use the 'bb_' and now everything seems pretty good.

    I'm using the BBpress Latest Discussions plugin which required some changes to point to the new directory. I seem to have a few bb-config.php files scattered throughout the directories which I'm going to rename and eventually delete.

    I hope this is helpful to someone. I want to see if I can rearrange the layout of the forums page a little bit. With the awesomeness of the parent/child themeing, I know it won't be hard.


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