Buddypress Blogs MU + plugins + avatars

My site is live with Buddypress BlogsMU here (i am not a coder).


This is a vanilla install so there are a couple of pointers I need to fix.

*Text Style issue on header 1 - which css do I amend to get the same style as header 2 and 3?

*avatars... can't do anything with them so far. Any fix? I can upload and get confirmation but have a white or blank graphic when asked to crop.

* plugins - since the upgrade from 2.9.2 to 3 I have not been able to see any of the plug-ins that I've installed (after the upgrade) in the dashboard/plug-ins

With Ultimate translator I cannot get to the settings page after the upload. The widget appears in widgets.

Love the look and change and it's great for us at Mouth to Source but just want to get the functionality I had in 2.9.2 then get into the new features.

Pointers appreciated.