Buddypress /Blogs and /Members pages omits older content

I just updated/enabled buddypress after disabling it for over a year and the /blogs page is not showing all of the active blogs in the pre-existing network. The wp multisite install started as a WP-MU install a few years ago, and is up-to-date. In the /blogs list, I can see a test blog added today, the main domain, and a blog installed at the dawn of time, but no blogs installed in the recent past, which are public, and with privacy settings set to be searchable. Users who are managing these blogs do not appear in the Members directory. This seems like a FAQ, but I couldn't find a relevant post in the archives. thank you . . . .

WP 3.3.1 multisite subdomain

blogs list: http://design-manifold.com/blogs/
example missing blog: http://protoblog01.design-manifold.com/blog/