[BuddyPress] BuddyPress view profile only shows first field in base & xprofile sections

When viewing a user's BuddyPress profile under the "View Profile" tab:


only the first field of both "Base" & "Extra Profile Information" will display.

All profile fields display fine under the "Edit Profile" tab.

This problem of displaying only the first Base & Extra fields under "View Profile" also occurs with theme 2019 and all plugins other than BuddyPress being disabled.

I'd grant 5 days' support access, but that appears to have gone away with the latest WPMU DEV dashboard update.

Site Health Status lists zero critical issues.

WP Version 5.2

Site URL https://interiorhorsecouncil.org

BuddyPress Version 4.3.0

PHP 7.1

Thank you for your assistance. I am totally stumped on this one.