Buddypress Caching

My site keeps growing, and my gut instinct is that it feels a bit laggy. I've done some reading and found that some recommend w3 cache, others like wp-super cache.

This is a straight up BuddyPress install, without individual blogs. Curious whether the experts here have a preferred method of optimizing/speeding up a Buddypress install.

Keep in mind, I'm a pretty much a total hack when it comes to this stuff, so I'm looking for out of the box, simple settings.

Oh, and if it matters, I'm hosted on Bluehost.


  • drmike
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    I'm hosted on Bluehost.

    Do remember that's an overseller who crams hundreds of sites onto a single server. Buddypress is also know to be resource intensive. One of the former wpmu wrote up a rather lengthy article on that but I can;t find it right off.

    Have to admit that we use wp-super cache over w3tc. Seems to be a lot easier to setup and seems to work better when you have limited control over your server environment.

    edit: Hmmm, did buddypress keep the built in caching that they removed from wordpress and wpmu?


    See the bit about "Reduce Database Hits" or is that a typo or old bit?

  • Mason
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    Hiya teach42,

    Cache plugins can be rough to configure - it's one of those items where you're mileage may very. What drmike is saying about some of the hosting providers is correct. Additionally, there's a wide range of settings and server configurations that can come into play.

    If you're running a basic shared-hosting package on bluehost simply upgrading to a nicer (but more expensive) server may provide a nice performance boost. Additionally, if you upgrade, bluehost may move the site for you so you won't have to reconfigure anything.

    Good luck! Being too popular is a nice problem to have! ;D

  • teach42
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    Well, according to Bluehost... they have NO upgraded servers. It's not that they aren't available, they are now a single tier company, no options for upgrades at all exact for static IP.

    So with that option eliminated, any other suggestions? Anyone know if that "Reduce Database Hits" part that Dr. Mike referenced is current?

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