BuddyPress capabilities additions?

Are there any plans to add BuddyPress functionality to the Membership Plugin?
I would like to modify what different levels of users can do with the Membership plugin such as:

Free member: posts but no group creation or album capability.
Silver member: posts and group joining but not group creation, album ok
Gold member: everything is allowed.

Great plugin!


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya ddaniels,

    Have you tested Membership with BuddyPress? We have rules built right in for each of those items except 'Albums' (buddypress doesn't have albums by default).

    You can limit which groups any level can join (or deny them all) as well as limiting the ability to create their own groups.

    Finally, for the albums area, you could possibly limit their ability to access these through the URL groups. The menu item would still show up, but they'd be taken to an access denied message (or whatever custom message you choose).

    Hope that helps.


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