BuddyPress: changing Base Name & making it stick


my client’s site is:

(production server)

Question: I try to change the Base Name and other options on that page, but it they just go back to the default. Is there a way to hide the base name?



  • Terrintokyo
    • Flash Drive

    Hi I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear.

    I think I solved the problem: in case someone else runs into it:

    My client didn’t like the the ‘Base Profile’ title coming up in member profiles when members tried to edit their profiles. She wanted to change the name or eliminate it altogether.

    She tried to change it in her SuperAdmin/BuddyPress Settings/General Settings, but although she had SuperAdmin status, her changes never stuck.

    Since I had the original SuperAdmin account, I made the change instead. And it stuck: when members want to edit their profiles, they’ll see: “Editing ‘Basic Profile’ Profile Group”.

    So, if your client doesn’t have the original SuperAdmin account, either give them that username and password or make changes like that yourself if they aren’t working for the client.

    So, my client is happy :slight_smile:

  • ericslangley
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I also want to change the “Base” profile name that shows up under the users Profile/Profile tab. This name means little to a user and is confusing.

    Terrintokyo says that it was changed in SuperAdmin/BuddyPress Settings/General Settings.

    I do not see a General Setting section is BuddyPress Settings…



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