Buddypress compatibility for Fundraising plugin

I decided to invest in a premium membership when I read that the Fundraising plugin was compatible with Buddypress; but, when I installed it, I realized that the claim was somewhat misleading. I thought that it would work in much the same way that it does with a multisite installation in that users could develop their own fundraising projects with their own payment gateways but I now see that this is a feature that may be developed down the line and is not currently available. I would like to know if that is being developed and, if so, when it would be available as it is crucial to my site's functionality.

Also, I wondered if there were any plans to develop a petition plugin so buddypress users or group moderators could create their own petitions.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I must say, I'm grateful for all the great work done by your team. Though I'm disappointed by the limitations on buddypress compatibility, I think your tools are fantastic overall. Thank you.