Buddypress component pages and menu items in subsites of multisite

I would like to have Buddypress component pages and menu items on each of the subsites in my multisite install

For instance on http://continuum.nsbp.org/wavetraintester/ there are http://continuum.nsbp.org/wavetraintester/members/ and http://continuum.nsbp.org/wavetraintester/activity/.

But where are similar pages for /blogs /forums /groups & that use the subsite's theme? When I go to the subsite's dashboard (signed in as that site's admin) I do not see anything that allows me to attach BP components to pages.

In general, where the main site has BP component pages like


on the individual sites I would like pages like


And to be clear I want the subsites to use the same WP and BP tables and to be in a singular BP network. The BP_multinetwork plugin solution will not work as I do not want each user to have their own network (in the WP/BP sense).