BuddyPress: Controlling the float/alignment of the Leave Group button

Hi guys,

This is a general BuddyPress CSS inquiry that sort of ties in with Group Chat.

We're concerned that the "Leave Group" button resting top-left to the Group Chat window might confuse some users into thinking that clicking it will mean that they are leaving the chat, rather than leaving the group entirely.

It's not a perfect fix for this concern, but we want to move the Leave Group button to the right.

We used this code and successfully moved the Leave Group button to the right as shown in the screen grab:

.group-button, .leave-group {
float: right !important;

But that CSS is knocking the Leave Group button and group info out of whack on the Group List page - shown in the other screen shot.

I can't figure out how to isolate the change to only the pages in the group, and not on the group list.

I've tried display:inline and some float: clear options but I'm just not getting it right.

Any ideas or insight?

Thank you!