BuddyPress Corporate, Community, Fun, Social, Edu Clean and Blogs MU Updated

hi guys
the following themes had been updated:
- BuddyPress Corporate
- BuddyPress Community
- BuddyPress Fun
- BuddyPress Social
- Edu Clean
- Blogs MU

Here are some changes from follow up bug/update trac
- Updated to compatible with WordPress 3.0+ and BuddyPress 1.2.5+
- Core template changes with added /lib
* you may need to back up your child themes coz templating changes in latest version. possible problem like included not found etc
- fix widget missing localization __() and _e() wrap for text string which cause translation widget not working in previous versions.
- all themes are now using BuddyPress core component default css
*for future compatible and component/plugins css compatible
- Added wp 3.0 menu support with default drop down community for bp pages like member, group, forum etc..
- Added featured gallery slider *optional usage
- replace incudes() with locate_template() for better child theme support
- css structure also changes in some themes where css were combined into base.css
- added facebook like for post and activity streams
- js fix in blogsmu theme options
- many more bug fix

let me know if you guys found any bug ok

Check out all the updated themes here