BuddyPress: Creating a group doesn't get past first screen. Any ideas?

I’m having trouble with groups being created, though it was working ok before.

It allows the first screen to be filled in, but when it gets to the second section, it does not have any info, just the steps to be taken. Clicking on the ‘next’ button takes you to one of the ‘Are you sure?’ screens, and if you click yes, it returns you to the section with no info in there.

It does create the group, but it does not create a forum for the group forum and the drop-down box, when seen by an admin, says ‘No Forum’.

This was working without a problem, but it has now stopped.

I’ve gone in and removed all other plugins and used the default theme, but I still have the same problem.

I tried some of the solutions on the link below, but none of them worked, though the post is over 3 years old:


Please feel free to sign up and see it for yourself: