Buddypress creative portfolio network – System possibilitys

Hi Support friend!

I trying to build a website like deviant art and behance network here at inspirativa.net.

At this point i’m doing the best i can with the system we have. I don’t have multisite activated yet, and i need orientation on how to proceed.

Let me explain where i want to get to.

I need a network (currently being made through buddypress in a vary limited way. Register to the site and check out the homepage http://inspirativa.net/login ) where users can post their design/creation work. (currently being made through gravityform.)

Images can be featured by our staff or not. If featured, projects go to the loged-out-homepage of the website, and featured categorys page. (At this point, we have 10 categorys for user posts and the same 10 categorys for featured posts, so once user creates a post it shows up at the buddypress activity stream. We them take the best ones and change it from, for exemple, category “photoshop” to “photoshop-featured”:wink:

Users have their portfolio page, where they expose their project and have a description about themselves and other information. (this is currently being made through the author.php template. check out at http://inspirativa.net/author/marcoroberto/ )

So this is the vary basic idea of what is happening right now.

What i need now is to fully integrate the system with buddypress multisite, prosites, domain mapping, and all the stuff.

The ideia is that the user can have their own subdomain where they can continue to post their work.

My questions:

– When posting in their own subdomain, will the staff be able to see all projects being posted to feature some of them ?

– Is it possible to integrate posts already made by users to their new page, or they will have to start from scratch?

– Is it possible to create a page with posts from blog, or best posts from blogs?