BuddyPress displaying "Listings" link for unauthorized user.

Hello, first post here... great work guys!

Let's get into it eh!?

I have Membership, Directory and BuddyPress installed. When a FREE member signs up / subscribes, I have it all set so that they are NOT able to add a listing, yet when they click on their Profile link, the "Listings" link is displayed on the BuddyPress menu bar and they are able to add a listing.

I set the MY LISTINGS, EDIT LISTINGS and ADD LISTING pages to only be accessible for paid members... and that works because FREE members are blocked from accessing these pages.

I notice that the path when accessing the Listings link through BuddyPress is different so I can only think that because the Listings link is incorporated into the BuddyPress plugin that the capabilities are not being recognized?

Unfortunately this is a client project and I am not able to share any screen shots or access to the site.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!