Buddypress Forum Customization/Enhancement

Hello there

I searched through the forums as well as Google and didn't really find anything addressing my questions so I thought I'd start a new thread and see if I can get some clarifications.

I (and a few others) recently decided to relaunch our website using BuddyPress. Originally we were using Wordpress and an integrated bbpress install. Our goal is and has always been to provide an opportunity for social networking around a common area of interest and while WordPress and bbpress were all right they had huge limitations in my opinion. We move things over to BuddyPress because it's got so much more functionality in terms of creating an online social networking space. That being said less than a week into things, I'm really starting to feel the lack of customization options with the BuddyPress forum.

So I guess my question is basically this.

Is there any way to add bbpress forums to BuddyPress so that I can get some of my old forum enhancements back? Specifically I'm interested in things like the ability to display video as well as have some sort of writing tool enhancement, be it BB codes or some sort of WYSIWYG solution. Of course it would also be nice to have the ability to upload files in the forum area.

Anyhow any thoughts and/or advice regarding my question would greatly be appreciated.