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I have searched the help forum and came across some guy who said you can tick a group to be a category?

This is not available in my theme/install at all. I am running updaed buddypress and facebook theme.

I have figured out how to make a group


1) But I would simply like this to be a 'dumb' category with sub cats underneath.

The subcat would be Water Sports, then the subcat would be Surfing...

I am selling products so naturally the subcat would be longboards, then the topic would be Al Merrick 7'2" topic discussion.

There are a lot of products in the world. I am building a large community of tradr's. Is the buddypress forum powerful enough to organize it?

2) Also, there need to be a parallel localisation option because I want the topic Al Merrick to be Australia based?

3) I want only Australian tagged, surfing topics to be display at my Australian surfing blog. Is the best way to do this to scrape the RSS feed or is it possible for buddypress forum to be interactive on the child blog?

Thanks for the help.